Fire Rated doors

Fire Rated doors

IDEAL doors, having our proprietary mineral core within, are in a league of their own when compared with other ready-made blanks available in the market. We manufacture and supply fire-rated timber door assemblies that restrict the spread of fire, facilitating the highest degree of compartmentalization. Few specific advantages pertaining to our entire range of Fire Rated door cores are given below:

Few specific advantages pertaining to our entire range of Fire Rated door cores are given below:

  • IDEAL Doorsets are fully timber-based and can complement the style or décor of any type of interior. Being an in-house manufactured product, IDEAL doorsets are made fully to customers’ requirements in terms of size, choice of timber, facing, and finish.
  • The Fire Rated core within our doorsets has a unique design which incorporates a hardwood inner frame of stiles and rails.
  • This contributes to the structural integrity of the door leaf while also facilitating easy and durable installation of hardware
  • IDEAL door leaf, due to its composite construction, has the flexibility to accommodate minor variations in certain components like the outer skin. For the same fire rating, IDEAL mineral core-based doors probably have the least weight and thickness
  • IDEAL products are backed by reputed third-party certifications such as the Warnock Hersey scheme from INTERTEK as well as the Q-MARK scheme from BM TRADA
  • Our high-performance doorsets are locally developed and manufactured from start to finish in the UAE

Being a company that firmly believes in product development, continuous testing has been a strong area of focus for us since our inception. Since 2002, we have carried out several fire tests at established laboratories such as Exova Warrington, UK (Formerly known as Chiltern International Fire Lab) and Thomas Bell-Wright, UAE, aiming at making incremental refinements to the design of our door cores. This has led us to be one of the few Door manufacturers to have our core tested and certified in various configurations/assemblies that would meet even the most demanding project requirements. This means that you as a customer can rest assured that you are working with a specialist in the field who is thoroughly aware of the intricacies involved in Fire door core manufacturing along with having the capability of fabricating and finishing high-quality wooden doorsets, all under one roof.

Our range of innovative solutions also includes a mineral core-based glazing system that has been tested for high-end fire rating in accordance with both BS (476 PART 22) as well as UL (10C) standards. This in-house developed non-metallic system ensures superior protection to the glazed area while being aesthetically pleasing as well as it can be matched in terms of finish with the rest of the doorset making it blend in seamlessly as opposed to a metal beading which will always stand out in an unpleasant manner.

Technical data sheets available for IDEAL mineral core doors and glazing systems give a full description of their constructional details.


On top of the outer skin, which is normally MDF or Commercial Ply, IDEAL high-performance doors can be easily faced with wood veneers/laminates/paint as per any unique requirement to enhance its aesthetic appearance and match any ambiance. The wood veneer facing is further finished by a lacquering system which can also accommodate staining to achieve a limited range of tint.


The purpose of increasing glazing on your windows as well as on your glass inserts on doors is for energy efficiency. A double-glazed glass panel consists of two slabs of glass with an air pocket between the glasses. This pocket of air better insulates the glass and allows a space to capture the heat or cold to better insulate the home.